White Pass

Rainbow cloud

An illuminated rain cloud near White Pass.


This post covers day two of the Chinook Pass / White Pass trip I took May 19th and 20th.

volcanic rock

the volcanic rock landscape of Eastern Washington

After a great night’s sleep at the Whistlin’ Jack Lodge,  I woke up to clear skies and the promise of a great day.  I was rolling down Highway 410 by 8:30.  This route follows the Naches River which has cut a path through the rocky canyon walls.  I love this time of day when the sunlight and shadows paint the waking hills.  You can not only see the outdoors come to life with color by also hear it in bird song and other sounds of nature.

Oak Creek feed station

Oak Creek feed station

It didn’t take long for me to dress down to shorts and a lightweight shirt.  It was perfect weather for cycling with most of the day in the mid 70 degree range with little wind.

I continued to drop elevation and saw the pine trees all but disappear.  Rocky hills decorated with sage was now the landscape theme.

I made it to Highway 12 and turned back west.  This part of the ride was not too difficult as there was a moderate increase in elevation over many miles.  I stopped briefly at the Oak Creek Feed station.  This is another one of those must see locations if you travel through here during the winter months.  The Washington State Department of Fish and Game manages this site.  They feed the large elk herds to ensure the elk maintain healthy numbers.  This also helps to minimize the negative impact the herds can have on orchards and other farmland.  The area is set up for public viewing and will provide you with an up close and personal look at the elk.  Today, there were no elk in the area as most of them have returned to the surrounding mountains.


The hills near highway 12

White Pass 3


The landscape slowly changed back to the wooded mountains.  Rimrock Lake provided a few photo breaks along the way.  I once again saw the rugged snow covered peaks come into view as I climbed the grade.

Rimrock Lake

Rimrock Lake from Hwy 12, where I’m going.


Rimrock Lake from Hwy 12

Looking back east to Rimrock Lake, where I’ve been.

When I was approximately three miles from the White Pass summit I stopped to check out a viewpoint.  Clear Creek Falls was absolutely incredible.  It is a very well maintained and has a safe viewing area.   I couldn’t help but say, “O my God” when I saw the water roar over the 230 foot drop .

Clear Creek Falls

Clear Creek Falls

I pushed on up the hill stopping occasionally to enjoy the view of the valley where I had been earlier this day.

Mountain valley

Looking east from highway 12, near White Pass.

Roadside waterfall

Roadside waterfall next to Hwy 12

Today had been a 55 mile ride to the 4,483 foot White Pass summit.  The lowest point in this ride was 1,617 feet which is close to Highway 410 and Highway 12.

My Mountain Quest bucket list is down to Sherman Pass and Mount Adams.    I may also add another Mt. Rainier ride. Last year,  I rode up to the Paradise area of Mount Rainier.  I hope to also go up to the Sunrise area of that same mountain.

Over the next seven weeks I will steadily increase my hill climbing workout intensity in preparation for the July Pikes Peak, Colorado ride.

Mt. Rainier

Mount Rainier from Cayuse Pass

Thanks for joining be on another Mountain Quest trek.

About Bruce Bosman

Join me as I ride my mountain bike up and over the incredible mountains of Washington State. Although this blog may appear to be a testament to my accomplishments, this was not my intent. Compared to the challenges that many face every day mine are insignificant. My hope is that you will appreciate these photos and stories as you join me on my Mountain Quest. I recognize and pray for all of you that face adversity and struggle to overcome mountains in your everyday life. We all have bad experiences, excess baggage, and debris that pile up to create obstacles in our life. Much of my mountain is made up of the accumulative stress and incidents that 29 years of a law enforcement profession and life brings. If allowed to go unchecked these mountains can become impassable and will block out the sun. I challenge myself and you to face our mountains and conquer them. Even if it is one step or one pedal stroke at a time, work to overcome the obstacles that life puts before you. Push through the pain and embrace the challenges. Work to make your life and the lives of others better. Look for the beauty that this world and life has to offer you. . Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)
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4 Responses to White Pass

  1. Jeff Katzer says:

    We did a October full moon camping trip at Rimrock Lake one year. Elk bugling all night! The moon so bright you could see coyotes trotting across the dry lakebed 1/2 away. (Thanks for reminding me)

  2. Bruce Bosman says:

    Jeff, You had me at elk bugling. That sounds like a great experience.

  3. Jim Phillips says:

    Looks like a great trip. Wonderful pictures, especially the falls. JP

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