Mukilteo to Edmonds

Mukilteo to Edmonds
30 miles

I got up this morning and could hardly see the neighbor scraping ice off of her car through the thick fog.  This was about the same time that my brother Dennis wrote of his near 70 degree outside temperature where he lives.  I would have loved some of that California weather.  By 10:00 the fog was lifting and allowed the sun through.  I was psyched and started prepping my bike and gear.  I stepped outside and found it was much colder than it appeared.  My phone indicated it was 30 degrees out.  Needless to say I put an extra layer or two of clothes on before heading out.

Old Gas Station

Old Hwy 99 Gas Station

I had plotted a route that would minimize my time on Hwy 99 and the Mukilteo Speedway. Hwy 99 has seen better days in this area. Pawn and smoke shops line the roadside along with several dilapidated buildings.  I stopped to photograph the old Mobiloil gas station which was pretty cool looking.  It was the only worthy thing to photograph in this area.

The scene quickly changed as I took 168th west to Olympic View Drive.  The road wound through the residential area and made its way alongside Lynndale Park.  The tree canopy closed in overhead as the road took me down and through Southwest County Park.  I will have to return to this area in the fall as it will surely be very colorful with the falling leaves of the maple, alder, cottonwood, and birch trees.

Edmonds Beach

Edmonds Beach

I starting seeing peek-a-boo views of the bay to my right as I neared Edmonds.  The houses and properties were well maintained and very nice.  The temperature had rocketed up to a balmy 39 degrees.  This combined with the 15-18 mph bike induced wind chill factor was an incentive for me to pedal harder.

Edmonds in a great place to spend a sunny day.  The summer tourist pace had not picked up yet which made it even more enjoyable.  This is a very bike friendly town and a destination for many of my fellow two-wheeled travelers.

I hit all of the streets surrounding the downtown and ferry terminal area to get a feel for the place.  I was also on the hunt for a good place to get some lunch.  I found that even on a cold, non-tourist season Sunday there were many cafes and restaurants to choose from.  I stopped at a cafe that was packed with many people waiting to be seated.  As I was by myself,  I was offered a seat at the coffee bar that I gladly accepted.  I sat down next to two delightful local residents, Lori and Brady. Within 10 minutes I had some great hot food in front of me and enjoyed a conversation with Lori and Brady.  They played the role of tour guide and gave me several great tips on places to go and things to see.  Brady, Let me know when I can hear you blast out the rock and roll tunes with you band.

I took my tour guide’s advice and headed towards the ferry dock.  It was a short trek south to Marina Beach.  A foot bridge took me past the marina to my right.

Edmonds Marina

Edmonds Marina

The park is very well-kept and I found many people and dogs enjoying the place.  To the south was a very large dog park which had a field and beach access for the dogs.  To my right were picnic areas, grass, and beach access for the humans without a dog owner.   After being entertained by the many children and dogs at play I hit the road.

Edmonds has large painted murals that adorn many of the building exteriors.  I found several people walking around town that appeared to be on a mural sight-seeing tour.

Edmonds Mural

Edmonds Mural

After I had explored every side street in the area I headed back towards Mukilteo.  I took Sunset Avenue N which follows the shoreline.  If not for the clouds up against them,  I would have had a great view of the Olympic Mountain Range.  I stopped to take a few photos and made friends with a four-month old Bull Dog puppy who was out for a stroll with his human.

Edmonds Ferry

Edmonds to Kingston Ferry

With the temperature still hovering at 40 degrees I hit the pedals hard and quickly warmed up.  The ride back to my new home in Mukilteo was uneventful but enjoyable. Now it’s time for a hot shower and glass of red wine.

Marina Beach Park

Marina Beach Park

Thanks for riding with.

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Join me as I ride my mountain bike up and over the incredible mountains of Washington State. Although this blog may appear to be a testament to my accomplishments, this was not my intent. Compared to the challenges that many face every day mine are insignificant. My hope is that you will appreciate these photos and stories as you join me on my Mountain Quest. I recognize and pray for all of you that face adversity and struggle to overcome mountains in your everyday life. We all have bad experiences, excess baggage, and debris that pile up to create obstacles in our life. Much of my mountain is made up of the accumulative stress and incidents that 29 years of a law enforcement profession and life brings. If allowed to go unchecked these mountains can become impassable and will block out the sun. I challenge myself and you to face our mountains and conquer them. Even if it is one step or one pedal stroke at a time, work to overcome the obstacles that life puts before you. Push through the pain and embrace the challenges. Work to make your life and the lives of others better. Look for the beauty that this world and life has to offer you. . Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)
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5 Responses to Mukilteo to Edmonds

  1. Jeff Katzer says:

    Good one. I was out noodling around on my bike in the cold today as well. I don’t think the temps got much over 40 degrees over on my side of the county either.

  2. Jeff Katzer says:

    Hey BTW did you know that you can have your wordpress site automatically update your new posts to FaceBook. Go to your dashboard – then look down at the bottom for settings – click that and you’ll see FB log on stuff. Then you FB pals can just “click” the link and they are on your latest story. FYI…. No, I’m not working for FaceBook :-(

  3. Ooo – biking in 30 degree fog – that’s just the kind of inspiration I need. My bike gets lonely in Michigan’s winter months.

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