Cascade Loop days 3 & 4

Day Three

Freestone Inn Pool

Freestone Inn Pool


The preceding photo shows my lounge chair view that I had as read for over five hours.  Day three was a day of rest and recovery.  I had a nice breakfast in the lodge then spent most of the day poolside.  As I walked through the pool clubhouse and gift shop I spotted an intriguing book.   It covered the history of Stevens Pass and I was quickly drawn into the pages.  The book, pool, and weather were perfect medicine.  I had the pool area to myself for most of the day.  Other than getting up to order a sandwich, chips, or beverage, and an occasional cool down in the pool, I was very content on the lounge chair.  I spent the evening relaxing at the cabin and preparing for the next day’s journey.  Sleep came easy.


Day Four

Freestone Inn, Mazama to Chelan

74 miles

I was up and rolling towards Wintrop by 6:15. This time of the day is so peaceful.  The green fields are framed by the rock and sage covered mountains.  Mule deer grazed all around me.  The sun was just behind the mountain tops and the birds were welcoming in the new day. 

Sleepy Winthrop

Sleepy Winthrop

By 7:30 I entered the slowing waking western theme town of Winthrop.  The streets were virtually empty but for a few business owners preparing for the business day.  I stopped at an outdoor corner café and grabbed a couple of breakfast sandwiches, sent text messages, then headed toward Mike Frankowiak and Deb Coleman’s place in Chelan.  I bought a smart phone a few weeks ago in preparation for this trip.  Since retiring from SWAT years ago, I have been off of the grid on my days off.  I now have a smart phone mount on my bike handlebars and send update messages to family and friends as I travel. I passed many interesting places as I rode such as the Carlton Mall.   

Carlton Mall

Carlton Mall

Are you ready for mall shopping?  Other than a couple of homes just out of the photo what you see is the entire town.

 My route was Hwy 20 to 153, to Hwy 97.  As I turned south on 97 I met Mr. Headwind.  When I had planned this trip I saw this part of the trek to be easy due to no significant elevation changes.  Mother Nature ensured that I still got a good workout as the wind hit me head on.   Mike and Deb have a house Northeast of Chelan.  I climbed from 97 to their house where they met me with open arms.  Once I had showered off the miles of sweat and dirt I sat down to visit.  Mike and Deb are very gracious hosts and offered me water, wine and food.  The “Snack” that Deb brought out was a crock pot full of a delicious clam, shrimp, sausage, and other yummy stuff.   The rest of the day was spent visiting, swimming, eating, and listening to a Green Bay Packer football game with friends and the dachshund trio.    

Mike and Debs place

Mike and Debs place

 There is no better medicine than friends, food, and puppy therapy.  Thanks Mike, Deb, and the dachshund three. 

Stay tuned as I will finish the Cascade Loop in the next post.

About Bruce Bosman

Join me as I ride my mountain bike up and over the incredible mountains of Washington State. Although this blog may appear to be a testament to my accomplishments, this was not my intent. Compared to the challenges that many face every day mine are insignificant. My hope is that you will appreciate these photos and stories as you join me on my Mountain Quest. I recognize and pray for all of you that face adversity and struggle to overcome mountains in your everyday life. We all have bad experiences, excess baggage, and debris that pile up to create obstacles in our life. Much of my mountain is made up of the accumulative stress and incidents that 29 years of a law enforcement profession and life brings. If allowed to go unchecked these mountains can become impassable and will block out the sun. I challenge myself and you to face our mountains and conquer them. Even if it is one step or one pedal stroke at a time, work to overcome the obstacles that life puts before you. Push through the pain and embrace the challenges. Work to make your life and the lives of others better. Look for the beauty that this world and life has to offer you. . Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)
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4 Responses to Cascade Loop days 3 & 4

  1. Susan Engelhart says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. You are a very good writer and I
    feel like I am there.Please keep writing.I Love you ,Sister Susan

  2. Jeff Katzer says:

    Now you got me sitting here trying to remember those dog’s names…Fenway, Daytona, and l’amoreaux…something like that. Anyway, great story.

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